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Where I Want To Travel When We Get The Green Light

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Travel Ideas For 2021

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that those who love to travel really, really miss it. I am one of those people. What I hoped would be a year of change, new destinations and new paths to explore, turned into many (MANY) months of staring at Zoom calls and social media. But, a girl can dream. 

Here’s my 2021 travel ideas for when we get the green light to travel again. I’ve focused on domestic destinations for now, because realistically, we’ll be limited to road trips even when places start to slowly open up. Once we get the go-ahead for international travel (which still could be a while), I’ll be creating another travel itinerary!

Staycations & Roadtrips: Ideas For Traveling This Year

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1. Staying Home

I know – it’s kind of a buzzkill to start this list with a plea to stay home, but hear me out: I’m just as desperate to travel as you are. But we have to do our part to protect our high-risk neighbours, friends, families, and ourselves. In the meantime, order a bunch of wine from your favorite Niagara winery (see below!) and hold on a little longer. Or, maybe there’s some DIY home renovations you’ve been thinking of? I’ve put my favorite DIY home improvement ideas together on this Pinterest board. 

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2. Find An Airbnb Staycation

Once restrictions lighten up, there are some great little staycations you can find just around the corner of your house for a weekend escape! After a quick search on Airbnb, I found several cute places to get cozy and escape reality for a while. Even including a stay in a train! When you search for Airbnbs to escape to, click on “More Filters” and scroll down to “Unique Stays”. You’ll find some interesting and unique options here! Be sure to check out my partners page to get a discount on your first trip.

3. Rent A Van And Roadtrip to Tobermory

This has been an idea of mine for a long, long time. And now may be the perfect time to act on it! By hopping in an old van or RV, you can escape the city and slow down for a bit. The blue/turquoise colours of Tobermory in the summer time may make up for your lost Caribbean vacation of 2020. Or, you may just enjoy it even more! Find camper van or RV rentals by searching in your city here

4. Niagara On The Lake

I went here for a girls weekend a few years ago and loved every second of it. The Niagara-On-The-Lake town is riddled with coffee shops, restaurants, and quaint little stores to explore. You don’t need an agenda or a plan to roam around and adventure by the waterfront. You can also rent bikes here and bike around to the various wineries. This is a great time especially if you’re with folks in your bubble enjoying the fresh air outside! Check out our itinerary here. 

5. Ottawa, Montreal & Quebec City

I’ve been looking into this roadtrip for a while now so that I can expand my working knowledge of Canadian history. Visiting Ottawa, Canada’s capital, is a good place to start if you haven’t ever explored Canada’s cities! I’d like to go further and explore Montreal and beyond. Quebec City looks like a little escape from reality, which would be perfect once we’re allowed to leave our homes. It reminds me of a small European town with historic buildings, charming cafes and fairytale views in both summer and winter.

I am hopeful that if we are do our parts now and stay home, we’ll be able to get out and about soon enough. We have to hunker down now though, and the world will be an even better place when we’re ready to explore it again! Is there anywhere else you’re thinking of going when it’s safe to travel again? Let me know by leaving a comment! 

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