6 Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

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6 Ways to Reduce Plastic Consumption

How to reduce plastic consumption? This idea has been on my mind for a while now, and I finally got some time to write about it. I’m sure you’ve seen the videos on your social feeds – a diver stroking through pounds and pounds of plastic in the ocean, a turtle getting a piece of plastic yanked out of its nose, etc. Plastic consumption is a huge problem in our society. 

It’s crazy how much plastic we use and toss in the garbage without thinking about the impact and consequences it has on other forms of life. According to Ocean Statistics, 100,000 marine animals die each year from plastic entanglement – and those are only the ones that are found. It is clear that reducing plastic is something we need to be a part of. Cutting out plastic is easy, and worth it. But how can you do this in your everyday life?

The tips below are ways that I reduce plastic every day, and you can to:

1. Reusable shopping bags. Now that grocery stores charge for plastic bags, you could save real money when you bring your own. PC Points also adds more points when you bring your own bags! BUT there are more ways that reusable bags come in handy. I ordered these bags from Amazon, and now I never use plastic bags – not even the ones for vegetables and fruit.

2. End Single Use Platics. When you go out to a restaurant, ask the server to remove the straw just in case the drink you ordered comes with one. A lot of restaurants are starting to join this movement which is awesome, but you can always ask to remove the straw (or any sort of plastic) just to be sure. I’ve bought these reusable straws which are fun, clean and a good alternative if straws are a must for you.


3. Reusable Water Bottles. I just read this article today that says that McGill University is banning plastic water bottles from being in vending machines on campus. This is a great step forward! Having a reusable water is better for the environment, but it also encourages you to drink more water since you (theoretically) will have a full water bottle with you all the time during your day. It’s really a win-win. Plus, some really cute, affordable water bottles exist out there.



4. Mason Jars. These cheap alternatives to plastic containers are very helpful and durable. I have made all sorts of recipes for my work lunches including salads, yogurt parfaits, and more. Mason jars help reduce the amount of Tupperware out there, and they can also help you cut down on purchasing plastic. For example, instead of buying a 6 pack of yogurt, why not buy a giant tub instead? Once you get home, you can portion it out in to mason jars for the week. It’s cheaper this way too!

5. Epilate. I use an epilator and let me tell you – it is awesome. Definitely changed how I feel about body care! Instead of buying hundreds of razors in your lifetime, buy 1 epilator. I bought mine here. Basically, an epilator is like a thousand little tweezers that pull the hair out of your skin as you go over it. It sounds painful, but since mine is wet and dry (meaning it works in the shower), adding hot water makes it a lot less painful. After a epilating few times, I barely feel it at all. 

Epilation is great for razor-bump prone skin (like mine). It is similar to waxing in that it takes the hair longer to grow back, and the hairs grow back thinner. I started epilating a few months ago, and now I really only have to do it once every 2 weeks. My legs stay smooth, and I haven’t experienced any discomfort from it. I feel good knowing that I am reducing plastic consumption by avoiding razors, but I also know that I’m doing my legs a favour as well.


 6. The Diva Cup. This product was a serious LIFE CHANGER! The Diva Cup is a cup that is about the same size as a shot glass, and is used in a similar way as a tampon. First of all, it is about $30, but will last an entire year (and more). You can buy it at any pharmacy, Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, etc. It is reusable, so you totally avoid the plastic and harmful materials that pads and tampons come with. 
The Diva Cup has never leaked in my experience, so I can wear whatever I want without worrying. You can also have it in for up to 12 hours, meaning you can wear it overnight and throughout the day. It is much better for your vagina than tampons because it doesn’t interfere with the moisture or pH levels your body needs. It is also really cool to see how much blood your body produces while on your period, which you would never see if you use pads or tampons. Read more about menstrual cups here

Please let me know if I’ve missed anything – I really want to do the best that I can in an effort to reduce plastic. If we all take part in this little initiative by reducing our plastic consumption every day, our future will be much brighter and healthier for all the life that we share this planet with.

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