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Do you feel overwhelmed sometimes, and for reasons that may not even seem like that big of a deal? I definitely do, especially since graduation, finding a new job and a new place to life is looming over my head. Anyway, I wrote these tips to remind myself of what I can do to reduce my anxiety and stress. These tips have helped me over the last few months, and hopefully they can help you, too!
1. Get rid of everything unnecessary. I always get email notifications on my phone, laptop and other devices. Sometimes I look at my phone and see tons of email notifications, which increases my heart rate because I feel that lots of people are trying to contact me. Recently I started to unsubscribe from a lot of automatic emails that get sent out, and that has helped TONS! It has also helped me to clean up my personal space so that I feel cleaner and more organized. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I have applied this tip to people in my life too. Don’t be afraid to ignore people that you feel are holding you back.
2. Stay Organized. I keep my calendar up to date of all the events, deadlines and projects that I have. The good thing about using the calendar app on your phone is that you can set reminders to be sent in case you have so too on your mind that you forget about something important. I also keep a list on my laptop using the Stickies App of important tasks I have to get done.
3. Ensure you have good living conditions, or find a place to go if you don’t. It’s good (for me at least) to have to safe, quiet space to go home to, or do work in. If you don’t feel at peace in your home, it may be good to find a quiet spot such as a local library, friend’s house or study space where you can really relax and think about what’s on your mind. It has also helped me to go somewhere for a weekend (or even longer) to get a change of pace, people and scenery.
4. Visit a counsellor. Even if you feel like your problems aren’t very significant, it can still help to talk to someone. Counsellors know what they are talking about, and they can offer you helpful advice about situations you may be struggling with. It is okay to ask for help. I visited a counsellor at Humber College, and they were super professional, calm and encouraging.
5. Focus on what is most important. For me, my health is most important overall. If that means taking some time off of work to focus on my mental or physical health, so be it. I try to clean out my mind in a way, and get rid of/ignore the things that are less important that may be adding to my stress.
Overall, I find it beneficial to focus on myself, and what works for me. I read a quote recently that said something along the lines of “you aren’t living for them, you’re living for you.” At the end of the day, you’re the only person that you should strive to make happy. I’m trying to embody this quote as much as possible by not caring what other people think of me, and making decisions for myself and myself only! This has contributed greatly to my overall mental health and lifestyle. I hope you find some sort of inspiration in these tips as well!
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