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Visiting Antelope Canyon – Is It Worth It?

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Visiting Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona - is it worth it? 👣

Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons are 2 separate tours you can take through the famous slot canyons just outside of Page, Arizona. 

When researching Lower and Upper Antelope Canyon (which. by the way, have 2 separate booking systems), we came across LOTS of reviews saying that they weren’t worth it.

But we disagree.

This blog post aims to answer the question “should we do both lower and antelope canyon?”. 

Here was our experience and why we think they actually WERE worth admiring! 😍

visiting antelope canyon

MYTH: "Not worth it."

OUR TRUTH 👉 The views you get while wandering through these slot canyons are unparalled to anything we ever experienced before. The formations are stunning alone, but when you take a tour (which is required to enter), you get learn about how they form and why, which is equally as incredible. The photos we got from these hikes still wow us.

The entrance to Upper Antelope Canyon on the left, and walking through it on the right. 

MYTH: "Choose one or the other."

OUR TRUTH 👉 Both upper and lower Antelope Canyon are unique in the experience you get and the views you see while exploring both. Our photos were noticeably different depending on the light coming into the slot canyons. If you can, book each tour with a few hours in between (i.e. one in the morning and one in the late afternoon) so that you can experience them at different times. If it’s within your budget, we recommend doing both.

lower and upper antelope

Lower Antelope Canyon on the left, Upper Antelope Canyon on the right. Note the difference in light and shadows!

MYTH: "There's other, cheaper slot canyons to do instead."

OUR TRUTH 👉 When looking further into other slot canyons, we found out that they had also implemented a paid permit/touring system, which doesn’t make them any cheaper to visit. The tickets for lower antelope canyon were just over $50 each, and upper antelope Canyon was upwards of $80 each (USD). However, the canyon is situated on the Navajo Nation Reservation, so your ticket price goes towards supporting Navajo people and protecting the beautiful slot canyons. Worth it.

lower antelope canyon

Don’t forget to look up in both canyons! There are some great photos that often go untaken.

MYTH: "There are too many tourists to enjoy it"

OUR TRUTH 👉 While I’m sure thousands of people visit the canyons each day, the guides on the tours do an incredible job of spacing out each group so that there is ample time to explore. Our guide even took amazing pictures of every family/group and made sure to get no other people in the background! You really don’t notice the crowds – it’s very well organized.

One of the shots that our guide took of us! 

Our only other tip is...

Visiting antelope canyon? Book in advance! Sometimes tours book out months in advance since this is such a stunning sight to see. Here is a great list of tour operators for both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon.

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