best places to eat in the turks and caicos

Where To Eat In Turks And Caicos

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I always took the incredible restaurants for granted when I lived in the Turks and Caicos. But now that we’ve been visiting for a while, we’ve been really appreciating the ability to eat out a lot!

Below is a list of the restaurants I would recommend, whether you’re on a budget or looking to go all out! 

Where To Eat In Turks And Caicos?

budget friendly

If you’ve been to Turks and Caicos before, you’ve probably already heard of this place! This is a must visit simply because you’ll get a taste (literally) of island culture. Make sure to try conch fritters and cracked conch, and their famous rum punch!

da conch shack where to eat turks and caicos

Omar’s is right on the beach and serves delicious local cuisine like fish, conch and jerk chicken. This is a great spot for lunch or a drink & meal before it gets dark. You can even eat right on the beach with your toes in the sand (or water)!

omars where to eat in turks and caicos

This one is a local favorite because it’s been around forever, AND the food is good. Shark bite serves pub food but don’t get scared – it’s not boring. The Goombay Grouper Sandwich is unique, and probably the best fish sandwich I’ve ever had. Plus, you can enjoy your meal right in Turtle Cove Marina where sharks are frequently spotted (hence the name!)

shark bite where to eat in turks and caicos

This is a cute little burger joint that looks like a bar in a parking lot. When you get a little closer though, you’ll see that it’s a colourful, quiet spot with a simple yet delish menu. Stop by here and grab a burger or fish sandwich on your way to the beach! 

buns burgers where to eat in turks and caicos

Food is served right out of an Airstream at this restaurant! (Or I guess, food truck?). Regardless, once you order your food at the window, you’ll find a seat on one of their outdoor picnic tables. The food is definitely sharable, so I recommend ordering a few different items. You’ll be surrounded by palm trees in a garden oasis! My picture really don’t do this spot justice. 

cocovan where to eat in turks and caicos

fine dining

This one is definitely a fave for a romantic beachy dinner. The chef at Bay Bistro is exceptional and the food is always amazing. If you call in advance, you can have the team set up a table right on the white sands of Grace Bay beach! It costs an extra $50. If you’re planning a quiet night with someone you love, I highly recommend this option. However, it’s not required for an awesome night out! The restaurant itself sets the mood with beach views and candle-lit charm.

bay bistro where to eat in turks and caicos

Yes, this is a typical sushi place. But hear me out on this one!! Every Friday, Sui Ren has a sushi special where you can get 2 rolls for $20 (which is a great price for Turks and Caicos). This restaurant is located at The Shore Club which has an INCREDIBLE atmosphere. They have done a great job with the architecture and decor here. And the sushi is fresh! 

sui ren where to eat in turks and caicos

Mango Reef is located right inside Turtle Cove Marina. This means after you eat (or before), you can walk around and check out all the boats in the marina. Sometimes you can dream about living aboard a big yacht! The food here is unique (especially dessert!) and the outdoor tables and lighting make it a great place to sit around and enjoy. 

mango reef where to eat in turks and caicos

Carbs on carbs!! You know I’m there if it involves bread and/or pasta. Baci is also located in Turtle Cove Marina. It serves traditional Italian food with some local inspired additions. Their pasta was delicious and paired with a good bottle of white, you really can’t go wrong. 

baci best food in turks and caicos

Magnolia has a beautiful view of the Turtle Cove area and beyond. That is, if you’re there early enough to catch it! The sun sets between 5:30-6, so I would recommend going early so that you catch the sunset. The food here is delicious, but not necessarily local (at least when we visited). But if you’re in for a yummy, traditional meal, the chefs here won’t disappoint!

We’ve eaten at each one of these restaurants, so I can personally say they’re worth every dollar you spend. I hope you enjoy them if you decide to check them out! If you’re looking for more food inspiration, read these blog posts. 

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