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3 Tips to Cure Writer's Block

What is writer’s block? If you found this blog post and you’re currently sitting somewhere, phone or laptop in hand, wondering how the heck you’re gonna finish your next project… keep reading!

Writer’s block is totally normal and I want you to know you are sooo not alone! I often experience writers block – especially when I’m up against a deadline. It can feel impossible to find a source of inspiration when you’re stressed out about completing a project. Sound familiar?

I sometimes look to Pinterest or other forms of social media for inspiration. This works occasionally, but to be honest I find that it can be even more overwhelming! 

So, where do we start? What are some easy writer’s block tips that are effortless and will spark some inspiration?


1. Listen to a new genre of music you have never heard before

Doing something new that allows you to step away from your screen can help you find some zen for a minute and overcome writer’s block. Listening to a new genre might spark a new interest, or at the very least, will expand your musical horizons. Who knows – maybe you’ll find something new that you love! Here are some genres to try:

Have you heard these genres before? What else do you like to listen to? Thinking about or listening to your favourite tunes can help you get back on track and leave writer’s block in the past.

2. Take a screen break

Taking a break from your computer, phone or other device might seem counterproductive at first (that’s where you have to get the work done, right?!) but it can have a big impact on destroying writer’s block. Try taking a 10-minute walk with no phone. If you can go without it for 10 minutes, leave it in the room. Not even in your pocket – in the room. Come back to this blog post after your walk!

Go walk J

Go! Seriously! Just a 5 minute stroll with no device. It will help, I promise!

Oh hey, you’re back! How we feeling? If you’re still on the hunt for that one trick that will erase your writer’s block, try this last thing:

3. Get back to your roots

Is there something you loved doing as a kid? Something that stopped your mind from running a mile a minute? Maybe painting, gardening, or playing a sport? Try to put yourself in that moment. Sit down, close your eyes, and think about that one thing…What does it feel like? How does your body flow with whatever activity you are doing?

You can take this to the next level! If it’s available to you, actually go out and do that thing. For me, it was always painting. Sometimes it helps to pick up a brush, some paint, and a blank canvas and let my hands think for themselves.

Everyone needs to de-stress once in a while. Actually, I think it’s important to make de-stressing part of your everyday life! And – bonus – de-stressing can help with writer’s block, too. Check out 5 tips to de-stress.

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